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Suppose I have a website in wordpress and I have paid product there. the paid users will have Username and Password. what I want is that such users do not have to create a separate username and password, but they can use their username and password that they have on my wordpress website to login in discourse forum that is hosted on third party say discuss.blogeto.com(the link doesn’t exist so far) that will help me ensure that I am able to give access to the ones who are my paid users. Is that Possible?

(Lea-Ann McGregor) #2

What program are you using to check their status? I use wishlist member.

(Lea-Ann McGregor) #3

Have you looked at this discussion as to the current capabilities of the WordPress–>>discourse plugin. WordPress and wishlist member

(Simon Cossar) #4

If the only users on your website are people who have paid for the product, and you only have one product (one level of user), then you should be able to use Single Sign On with the wp-discourse plugin to do what you want.

If you have some users on your website who should be able to access the forum, and other users who should not be able to access the forum, or if you would like to give different levels of users access to different parts of your forum, then the way Single Sign On is currently set up with the wp-discourse plugin isn’t going to work for you. I’m working on a plugin that will extend the wp-discourse plugin to make it possible to control access to a forum based on membership in a group.

Check out the topic mentioned by @knittingtoday for more details.