Workaround to edit bottom

Here we are unable to go back and edit the very bottom of our message.

I discovered a valuable workaround:

We enable text editing buttons, there in Gboard.

Then we manipulate to the bottom of the message. Then we add several newlines.

Then finally we are able to edit the bottom of the message, as it has now elevated into an area that is accessible!

Sure this might not happen for you but it happened for me.

By the way, when I tried to post the above message, it triggered this warning:

woman_technologist:t2 Are you posting code?
It looks like your post may contain code or logs. To keep your post readable, please remember to format your code using the Preformatted text toolbar button </>, or the backtick ` key on your keyboard, like so:

You should be able to scroll your text upwards/downwards in that box to access ‘out-of-screen’ content.

Could you give us your mobile and browser info to provide some context, as well as any relevant extra settings you may have active on your device.


Okay. I’ll get to the settings in a moment. I just want to mention I had a more enjoyable experience using GitHub to edit anything:

Samsung a13 5G Android 13.
Current Chrome Beta.
But wait. It looks okay today on meta.

That day it was on

One also needs to note, that users needing to manipulate the bottom line, (for instance selecting text etc.) their fingers come dangerously close to the controls beyond the bottom line.

Just to clarify, are you saying this is no longer an issue for you?

Okay. Here I have absolutely proof that Discourse demands I use a smaller than normal font size in order to fit into the page.

You will observe my font size slider bar in Android settings has exactly 8 positions.

A positions means there is no middle of the road.

Not all the problems I was having a card when I had chosen the first larger position, as in my previous screenshots.

Note the above picture might look acceptable but there’s a long slice of left margin missing. Compared it to the same picture below.

Okay now I’ll move the slider one notch into the smaller side. Smaller than normal. There is no normal. It’s either smaller or bigger here on the Samsung A13 5g.

And as you see all the problems get cured:

However forget about people want to adjust their font sizes bigger. They even have to adjust their font size smaller than normal.
So Discourse fails the “web accessibility test.” And even goes beyond the middle line font-size-limitations-wise.

I cannot repro that.

On my Google Pixel 6a, I can increase both display zoom and text size with no issues up and until max settings at which point Discourse starts to struggle. But all the settings in between appear to function fine.

You already opened a topic about this here:

Please let’s focus on a single issue per topic, thanks :slight_smile: