User wants to go to page two of notifications

Here the user sees this button at the bottom that looks like it will go to page two. Well it turns out that it just expands the things that he sees. So he has no way to go to page 2. On Facebook he can always go to page two.

By the way if I try to center this so that I can read the beginning of each sentence, it just flies off to the right. Yes I have tampered with my Android screen font and zoom settings. That is true. Seen on Android 13 Samsung a13 5g. Also I tried landscape mode but the thing wouldn’t flop over.

Sure I could go back and tamper with my font size and zoom settings some more. But I just want to let you know that average (senior citizen) user’s UX.

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Well, the big question is if UX of Facebook is good. Anyway, here isn’t such thing as page 2 because of infinite scrolling. So by definition, and UX, you got second and tenth page in the same package.

Yes you have. And now you are asking in the name of older people :wink: that notification menu should override the zooming. I don’t think any app can do that.

Because of zooming. Now I’m not totally sure but zooming makes flipping and flopping impossible.

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There is no page 2. Maybe the user needs to go to Facebook if they want to have a page 2.


That link just displays the stuff in a single window rather than in the modal. It’s not a second page, just a different way to see the stuff.

You may make the case for wanting there to be a large font theme that’s shipped on all discourses, but I think that if you change things on your browser you’ll always be able to break the formatting.


Again, I think this might be better if you used “I” instead of speaking for “the user”. But let me suggest a different approach. Are you familiar with the concept of a “user story”? It’s a way to express the need for a certain functionality.

You can read more at User Stories and User Story Examples by Mike Cohn if this is new to you, but essentially, the form is “As this type of user, I want some thing, so that some reason.”

If I rephrase what you have said above, that comes out as:

As every user, I want a second page of notifications to be displayed when I click the expand arrow in the notification menu, so that the user interface acts as I think users expect interfaces to act based on my experience with the Facebook UI.

When put this way, I hope it is clear that this is… not a very strong user story, in all three elements.

  1. The user is not well-defined.
  2. The given goal is not really an end goal, but a specific design suggestion
  3. Is this expectation really generally true? Even if so, does it apply?

Or to put it all yet another way: why do you want a paginated notifications UI like Facebook? What tangible benefit would that bring you?


For extra clarity, have you used the pinch-to-zoom gesture to zoom in further here? this isn’t just increasing the font sizes in the settings?


For what it’s worth, on my Android phone[1], I don’t see this from just increasing font size, but do if I increase font size and overall display scaling to the higher settings:

If I click through — either the down arrow or by double-clicking, the latter of which seems to work inconsistently / intermittently[2] — the full-page profile view works fine. Maybe this could be a solution: if the menu would be too wide, just show the notification categories with a count, with (for example) a click on :black_heart: taking you to Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse.

  1. Google Pixel 7 ↩︎

  2. or very likely, I don’t understand something ↩︎


I don’t see the exact same issue if I change the settings… but the smallest phone I have access to has a 360px wide viewport, and I know some older devices might be as narrow as 320px, so maybe that’s why.

If I pinch-to-zoom then open a menu I run into the problem… we implemented a swipe-to-close feature on these menus some time ago, and that renders me unable to pan the screen while zoomed in, which is an accessibility issue we should fix.


You may be looking the wrong direction — my phone is a Pixel 7 Pro, and is so large my high school kid makes fun of me repeatedly. :slight_smile:

I’m using the chrome-based PWA. Same thing happens in Chrome. Firefox doesn’t have the problem, unless I manually crank the font size there to 200%, which causes it to do one or two altogether different horrible things depending on whether “pinch to zoom on all sites” is on. (With it on, pushes the menu off to the right. With it off, menu is technically ok but only shows one word from each name and post because there’s nothing else to do.)


Yes, it’s that “display size” Android setting that many apps haven’t been tested against.

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