Make sure menu always scrollable on mobile

These two lists cannot be scrolled down on mobile. Please test with the largest fonts etc. About the mess below: I am sorry. It is so hard to edit on mobile. Therefore I cannot clean it up.

These two lists cannot be scrolled down

l down on mobile. Please tes\t with the largest fonts down on mo


As you see the user has turned his cell phone to landscape mode and finally has access to some of those side panel buttons. However he can’t get to the bottom ones either. Because they are off the screen. And scrolling does not work.


I think I’ve just hit this one myself…

I selected Largest text from the Preferences → Interface page while using mobile, and now can’t easily return to my Preferences from the notification menu to change it back to ‘Normal’.

Flipping to landscape did not work and I had to manually enter the URL.


I can reproduce the issue above, and will look into making that right bar scrollable…

I’m unable to reproduce this issue despite trying on a few different Android devices. I’m always able to see the bottom area with the dismiss button… even if I rotate the device to landscape mode

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 10.25.37 AM

Can you provide more information about the phone you’re seeing this issue on? Ideally the device model, Android version, and Chrome version so I can test in the same conditions.


Current Chrome Dev on Google Play. ASUS Zenfone 3, Android 8.

We only support Chrome stable, it is too hard keeping up with canary and such.