Working Fedora Podman Development build - stuck with Production - Can I pay for a fix?


With help from @fitzy I have this Development version going:

but am stuck at getting the Production version going - I can see a Discourse screen with the text browser “links” - see attached image - but I get a blank screen with Chrome or FF - I presume this is a CSS issue or something?

Anyway, if I install this version on DO or somewhere, is there someone here who is clued-up enough who I could pay to get the Production version going? - I am guessing it would be a 5 minute
fix for a guru . .

Once the Production version is working, I want to move on ASAP to the next issue mentioned in the Fedora forum of getting Oauth2 group functionality going . .



I can probably help. Email I’ll be at my desk in a couple of hours, sooner if your want to pay extra to interrupt my morning coffee.


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