Working on first plugin; does not work. Using the pirate-speak plugin as a base

Here is the repository for it. My wife tried using it to no avail. It does not convert the text to an image. Either that, or this plugin I based it off from cannot change some text e.g. [m08] (meaning, major arcana number 8) into an image:


I would have her use the built-in custom emoji uploader but it shrinks the image; undesired. Any helps are appreciated.

Just edited the regex rules and it still does not work. The regex was wrong for this usage case. Left out the word boundaries.

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I installed the pirate speak plugin to see if I screwed up anywhere. That plugin does not work either.

Is anyone willing to update the pirate speak plugin. According to a google search, it shall be relevant on the 19th. Arrrh. :pirate_flag:

I’d guess that today that would rather get turned into a theme component; it doesn’t actually need to be a plugin, because it has no server-side logic. Likely same for your tarot project; I don’t think it needs to actually be a plugin.

This particular example still requires a plugin, cause it is a markdown dialect and processed server side.

Pirate speak though is in “broken plugin” state at the moment as it still needs to be updated to … adding a note.