Would anyone like to tell me how very wrong I am?

(Nate Flood) #1

I’m implementing a strategy to synchronize sessions between Discourse and another rails application.

What I’m doing works. BUT I’m sure I’m violating several best-practices and missing some key optimizations. Anybody want to look at what I did and tell me where I’m going wrong?

I’m creating a new CurrentUserProvider that is heavily influenced by the default one that ships with Discourse. This provider checks for a shared domain cookie, and looks that cookie up in Redis. If a logged in user’s data is returned from Redis then that user is either registered or signed in using the SSO methods.

Any feedback is appreciated!

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

Other devs will have an easier time reviewing your code if you can point directly to the parts of the code that worry you the most, one at a time.