Would it be possible to send ALWAYS an email?


While I find the issue for this topic:

I noticed that the notifications were only sent if a user is visiting Discourse every day, and will not get any emails. Would it be possible to send out emails for every notification the user is receiving?

Maybe you want to enable “Mailing list mode” ? That will email you every new post.

Hello @Falco - thanks for your suggestion. I enabled the features like this:

I want to confirm with you, users will only be receiving email updates upon the topics they are watching right?

No, mailing list mode means that you receive email from everything, except categories you manually put in “Muted” mode.

If you want emails only from watched content instead of mailing list mode, you can enable it the Emails user preference setting named Email me when I am quoted, replied to, my @username is mentioned, or when there is new activity in my watched categories, tags or topics by setting it to always.

That has been enabled to:


edit: I assume there is a different email setting for this, but I couldn’t find it.