How can I send email notifications to users from discourse?

I have looked everywhere on settings and admin but I cannot find the option to send email notifications about new topic to users? Where do I find this?

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Do you mean manually sending an email to all users? I don’t think that’s possible, though I’d find it useful.

The two relevant emails I know about are:

  • The digest email that gets sent to people who haven’t been on the forum for a while.
  • The notifications that are sent automatically to people “watching” a topic/tag/category whose settings are to receive emails.
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Thank you Jonathan for your replay.

That interesting. The digest will do for now. I see it allows to send “always” additionally “only when away”. Will try that. Apparently it used to be “mailing list mode” I found in comments from 5 years ago but cannot find this function anymore. It would be nice to have it back.

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I think (not 100% sure) that choice applies to the emailed notifications rather than the periodic digest emails.

You can find most of the settings by searching “digest” or “watch” in the settings page.

It still exists but within the last few months was disabled by default. The setting is “disable mailing list mode”.