Would like a permission that says only group owners can reply to group messages

I can see the setting that restricts who can message a group. But I’ve discovered that anyone in the group can reply to that initial message, even if they aren’t allowed to create messages in the first place.

It would be very helpful if there were a permission that could be set on a per-group basis that would control this functionality a bit better. In some groups, only group owners can reply to messages. In other groups, anyone in the group can reply to a message.

I’m not sure whether this is a feature request or a support request. Does this already exist? Am I just missing it?

EDIT to add my use case:

In my organization, I have many groups of varying sizes. Some of the groups are largish, and I don’t want to give just anyone the ability to send a message to the whole group just because they are in that group.

The permissions on topics are perfect: they give me the option to specify that group members can create, reply to or see topics within that category. I think I need a similar setting for group messages.


Hi Lucas! Welcome.

I have found in most cases group messaging should be disabled entirely. The main exception to this is staff messages who need to collaborate sometimes behind the scenes.

If I were you I would create a category just for the group and give it the permissions you want. Eg group members can only see but not start or reply, group owners can start and reply to topics. Others you can just exclude from the category permissions so they do not have access. To do this you need to create another group for the people who are allowed to start and reply to topics in the category.


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