WP-dicourse opens images in a new window, not in a popup

Hello everyone.
I have a wordpress site
I use the WP-Discourse plugin for comments
The wordpress site uses the Easy FancyBox plugin to open images in a pop-up
bandicam 2021-09-13 12-41-31-011
When a post from Wordpress is added to the forum, the images inside the topic open in a new window, and not in the popup.
bandicam 2021-09-13 12-42-43-085
Please help me solve this problem.

Hey Mikhail,

Could you link me to a topic where you’re seeing this issue? Also could you confirm what values you have for the following discourse site settings:

  • download remote images to local
  • disabled image download domains

@angus thanks for your reply
Sorry for the long wait for an answer.
I am sending you a link to a test post in Wordpress
And the same post on Discourse
Pay attention to the layout of images in the blog and on the forum
My settings: image