WP Discourse Connection Issue

(Stuart Mitchell) #1


We have just connected the WP-Discourse plugin to sitepoint.com. The issue we are having is that once I have saved the discourse url: The SitePoint Forums API key and the username it gives me the green: " You are connected to Discourse!" message. However if I click away and come back it has " You are not connected to Discourse. If you are setting up the plugin, this notice should go away after completing the form on this page."

I don’t know what the issue is? It worked all fine in our staging environments. The only difference I can see is the URL for our discourse setup. Does anyone have any idea on what we can try to fix this issue?

Do the settings get saved to the DB or to a file?

Thank you.

(Stuart Mitchell) #2

Hmm ok now seems to be working and no idea why. I did hit save like 100 times. It would be good to know where the data is saved as if it is a file then that might be the issue. Anyway all working so you can ignore this post unless you happen to know where the settings are saved.


(Simon Cossar) #3

When the Connection tab on the settings page is loaded it makes an API call to Discourse. If it gets a successful response, you get the ‘You are connected to Discourse’ message. If you are sometimes seeing the ‘disconnected’ message there could be an issue with API requests between your website and your forum. Are you making a lot of other API requests?

The plugin’s options are saved to the WordPress options table, but the connection status is never saved.