WP Discourse Embed Plugin

I just published a new WordPress plugin to embed Discourse comments using Discourse Embed code.


This WordPress plugin injects the Discourse embed code in blog posts, allowing you to use Discourse as community engine.

It takes two options:

Discourse URL should be the URL of your Discourse instance, this field is required.

Embed Discourse comments on posts published after date is an optional field, if provided only blog posts published after the date you specified will use Discourse comments (hiding the original WordPress comments). Blog posts published before the provided date will use original WordPress comments.

That’s it once you have activated the plugin and provided Discourse URL, you should start seeing Discourse comments embedded under your blog posts!

If you want to show comment count under each topic on blog front page, then add this HTML snippet (in your theme index file) under topic markup:

<a href="<?php permalink_link(); ?>#discourse-comments">Discussion</a>

The above snippet will show as:

Discussion (8 replies)

Where 8 is the reply posts count for that particular topic.

This plugin also adds author nickname in meta tag, like:

<meta name="author" content="techapj">

Where techapj is WP nickname of post author.

This plugin assumes that you have already configured embedding settings as instructed here.

Download the plugin, and start contributing! – https://github.com/techAPJ/wp-discourse-embed


How is this plugin different from wp-discourse? They literally have the same introductory description, which is very confusing.

This WordPress plugin allows you to use Discourse as a community engine for your WordPress blog.

I guess it has something to do with how wp-discourse requires API access, whereas wp-discourse-embed is “lower commitment” with no API key needed, working more like the “paste-and-you’re-done” type of embedding you get from the likes of Disqus. Sound about right?

Would definitely appreciate more clarification though. What are the different use cases? What’s the overlap (do they have the same strategy for styling comments?).

If this could work like Reddit embeds, that’d be super cool. As in:

  1. I write a blog post
  2. I announce the blog post on a DIscourse forum like Meta
  3. I embed my Discourse topic into my blogpost, effectively using Discourse for comments without hosting it myself.

The wp-discourse-embed plugin uses the Discourse Embed code. Here are the pros and cons as compared to wp-discourse plugin:


  • Requires minimal configuration
  • Comments HTML is auto created, so styling is not required.
  • Can enable Discourse comments only on posts published after specified date.


  • Not much customizable, hence less features.
  • Comments HTML can not be styled as per the theme.

wp-discourse-embed is basically a WordPress plugin for:

This is not possible because the blog hostname should be present in Admin > Customize > Embedding.


To fix published date and author for topics linked to old WP posts see:


I’m just adding a note here about an issue that was reported last month with comments not being displayed due to recent changes in how many browsers are now setting the referrer policy for cross site requests. That issue has been fixed in the core Discourse code. As long as your Discourse site is running the latest code, you should be able to use the WP Discourse Embed plugin without any issues.

For more details about the issue, see https://meta.discourse.org/t/embedding-discourse-comments-via-javascript/31963#setting-the-referrer-policy.