Wordpress integration by iFrame instead of sync


The Discourse Wordpress plugin lacks most of the features which makes Discourse so cool. I wonder if it is not possible to simply show instead of the wordpress comment section, an iFrame of the comment area of Discourse and enjoy all the real-time goodness and cool features!

Edit: I see that there are a few discussions about similar issues: Embedding Discourse Comments via Javascript , WP Discourse Embed Plugin
Will check them first.

Edit2: well, this (http://blog.codinghorror.com/welcome-to-the-internet-of-compromised-things/#discourse-comments ) is very close to what i was talking about but it lacks the possibility to create comments directly from the blog. Would it be possible for the iFrame to include the post creating section?

The iframe that is used for displaying comments is created by Discourse. It can’t be used for creating posts.

If you want to allow users to reply to topics directly on your website, the best approach would be to do it through the Discourse API.


Thanks but I don’t think that the API provides all the features of Discourse such as the bar with the summary , likes, flagging, bookmarking, mentions and so on.
Moreover, the comment sync back and forth (wordpress to discourse and back) is never quite stable, some comments are missed and weird conflicts are formed.
Lastly, it is super complicated to create this sync. while embedding Discourse topic, and setting display: None to the first post and the header should be easy and maintain the full functionality of Discourse without need to sync anything

I mean, apply this css to the page we are viewing right now:

article#post_1 {
    display: None;
header.d-header.clearfix {
    display: none;
div#suggested-topics {
    display: none;

and it put this as an iframe below wordpress post

Not sure what you want to achieve, but as food for thoughts, here is an example of Discourse running in an iframe: