Wp discourse shortcode plugin questions

I have the wp discourse shortcode plugin on my site.

I am wondering how I can:

  1. hide the date that the post was published
  2. set the set the forum topic to open in a new tab once clicked, rather then opening in the same tab?
  3. How can I select specific topics to display
  4. How can I filter by the top posts in a specific category. I already tried this:
    [discourse_topics id=A1 max_topics=4 category=5 excerpt_length=25 source=top] but it ignores the category and just shows the top discussions in the whole forum.
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@simon can you help me out here Please?

This plugin is now being maintained by Richard (from Communiteq): Wp-discourse-shortcodes plugin - #91 by RGJ. It would be good to use the version of the plugin that is in their Github repo: https://github.com/communiteq/wp-discourse-shortcodes. I no longer have the plugin in my Github repo and I see there was an update made to the plugin on July 15th, 2021 in its new repo.

It’s been about a year since I last looked at the plugin’s code, so I’m not sure of the answers to your questions. Maybe someone who is currently using the plugin will be able to help you out.


I will get back to you shortly on this!


Hey Richard Any updates?

Sorry for the late reply. This lingered near the top of my list for quite some time, but it never made it to the top of the stack until now.

  1. set date_position to something else than top or bottom
  2. you should handle this on Wordpress side for now. Putting this on the roadmap.
  3. for now you can select topics only by filtering on category. Tag support is on the roadmap.
  4. this is indeed a bug. I have put this issue on the list of known (to-be-fixed) bugs.
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