Wrench tools/post options menu color

I did a search but got hundreds of results, I did look for quite a while.

Our forum does not the option to change from white to grey or dark, so it’s blindingly white all the time.

Recently, the Wrench Tools & Post Options menus went from a grey color to completely white also.

Is there an easy fix to put that color back in?

Before & after screenshot:


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This is all intentional and if you are on 2.5.0 beta 6 you will have noticed these changes. A bit of CSS should help you here :+1:


Thank you.

Could you please tell me how to go about changing this? Is it an Admin-type fix, or something you guys do from your end?

Well, you’d target those HTML element classes in Admin, Customize and change them however you see fit using CSS rules.

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Thank you for all your help, we’ve taken care of it. Really appreciate you all!