Tag coloured white in white on custom theme

Hi there,

at manjaro.org we are using following colour scheme:

"Manjaro Color Scheme": {
  "primary": "111111",
  "secondary": "f0f0f0",
  "tertiary": "035f1d",
  "quaternary": "035f1d",
  "header_background": "373737",
  "header_primary": "ffffff",
  "highlight": "35BF5C",
  "danger": "e45735",
  "success": "009900",
  "love": "fa6c8d"

This results however into a white in white tag when scrolling a thread. Our forums software is currently at v1.8.0.beta13 +23.

Hi there :slight_smile:
I visited your community, and I’m seeing all tags on the grey background. If you can provide some more information I’d be happy to help with CSS :slight_smile:

Okay, got it now. Add to your CSS

.extra-info-wrapper .discourse-tag.box {
  background-color: #fff;

And replace #fff with some other color, I personally think green would play nice :slight_smile: Or you could change it to text: #yourcolor to achieve coloured text on white background for tag labels.


Thx, @MakaryGo. That fixed it.

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Always happy to help :slight_smile: