Write my own Global Alerts

I just got done with my fresh install of discourse and was wondering if there is a place or plugin I could use to write my own global alerts like these:

I’d like to have that function so when changes or updates happen to the site, I can just post a new alert that all users will see when they log in or return to the site.

Love Discourse so far and I’m sure I’ll have a bunch more questions.

Look in your site settings for global_notice, whatever you input in here will display sitewide like you want until you remove it.


Awesome! Was able to find that and edit it quickly. Appreciate your time and help. Thank you!


If @davidkingham solved your query you don’t need to edit the title. You can mark his reply as the solution, which will in turn mark this topic as solved.

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Awesome thank you. The ‘solution’ option wasn’t next to the heart at the time of editing. My apologies but I now know for the future. :+1:

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Sure, it’s nothing to apologize for, the topic wasn’t in #support, so the solved status wasn’t available. I moved it for you so that you had the option to mark the solution.

It just makes it easier for anyone who searches in the future. They can immediately see their question has already been solved, and find the reply in question.


Can i write global notice but can dismiss by user?

Use a Banner Topic to create a notice that is dismissable by users. It’s underneath the Pin Topic… option in the topic wrench menu.


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