What is the Global Notice useful for?

Continuing the discussion from Global notice, where do I find that:

While I was reading through the forum, I came across the topic linked above. That got me curious… what are some specific use cases for an URGENT, EMERGENCY message? What would it look like for visitors?

Since this is the first time I’ve heard of the feature, I guess I would just like more information overall for it.

Some use cases I can think of:

  • Upcoming site upgrade with downtime - the notice gives users the time/date of the upgrade, and to expect downtime.
  • Upcoming site migration with downtime - same as above.
  • New site info - important information you need all users to know.

You can see a real-life example of a global notice at Soaps.com's Message Board - Soap opera message board. While that’s a heavily themed discourse site, it should give you an idea. It’s a simple message that appears at the top of all pages. For a non-themed example, see https://try.discourse.org/. Note, try resets daily so the notice will not be there tomorrow.


It appears to not be dismissable, unlike banner topics…

Thank you for the examples, Joshua. This will help as I become more experienced in working with the admin side of discourse.