Wrong number of fields in CSV export of users

I exported users in CSV format with the Admin > Users > Export button. While the file is substantially valid, it’s rejected by many tools (like miller or parsing libraries) because not all lines have the same number of commas/fields. It looks like your exporter omits commas when last fields have no value. While this looks reasonable, it looks like it breaks the formal specification of CSV files.

Discourse version: the one used as of now in your hosted forums :slight_smile:


That sounds like a bug. I’m assuming the issue with the users CSV file is happening when no group_names field is set for a user. I can reproduce that with a CSV file that contains staged users. Is this where you are seeing the problem?

Sorry for the big delay here, we will see if we can amend it so we include the right number of commas. We have this assigned out.


Fixed via

Thanks for reporting this issue @alranel :+1:


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