Wrong path in discourse_narrative_bot in flag.reply in Russian translation

Hi, it seems that in Russian localization URL %{base_uri}/groups/staff from discourse_narrative_bot.new_user_narrative.flag.reply goes to wrong location.

I suppose it returns 404 because the proper group has cyrillic name %{base_uri}/g/модераторы. It depends on translation, I think. Just for info :slightly_smiling_face:.

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When I test this on my local site, the link I’m seeing is this: Наш персонал. That takes me to the correct page, because the path is set to /groups/staff (in English). The text I’m seeing for the translation key with the Russian locale is:

[Наш персонал](%{base_uri}/groups/staff) получит уведомление ...

Has the staff group been renamed by you on your site, or is this happening without you having made a change to the name of the staff group?


No, I hasn’t. I just applied updates in my test-passed configuration.

Probably the correct path should be %{base_uri}/g/персонал, but this group is not accessible to newcomers on my site (this level of access might be changed by me earlier, I am not sure, so it should be checked on default settings).

Thank you for your reply!