'X' checklists don't toggle

I was wondering if you had one box checked with a capital X, would all others check in the same style? It seems not, and in testing that theory, I discovered…

…the checked box with fill does not uncheck (outside of removing the X from within the editor pane). Is that intentional? What would be the use case for this variation? The odd thing is that the cursor still changes to a hand when you hover over the check box…

That’s interesting. I wonder if that’s so you can ‘lock in’ an answer? The cursor changing to a hand would be misleading in that case though.

Checking out the class and a bit of the code, it seems the [X] ones get a permanent added to them:

So I think it may be right that they don’t toggle, and it’s the ‘hovering hand’ that’s the oddity.

I’ll make a note to add this to the plugin topic. :slight_smile: :+1:

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