Yammer integration

I’m trying to integrate Yammer app so when a new topic is created in a specific category of discourse a notification would be sent to a specific Yammer community. I’ve done this with Microsoft Teams using the Chat integration plugin but it doesn’t work for Yammer.

Since I can’t find a plugin for it I’m trying to configure a webhook, but I’m fairly new to APIs and webhooks so I’m getting a bunch of errors, the last of them this 404 error:

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Well the 404 error is not found, I believe in this context it’s telling you that the remote server (www.yammer.com) reported that the URL could not be found.

Looking at the API documentation at Yammer, it looks like the URL you’ve entered is of this format:

However that URL is specifically for deleting a message. I assume you are seeing a 404 because you’ve appended your API key or group ID to the end of that URL and a message in Yammer does not exist with that ID.

I would be happy to stand corrected but I don’t think the Yammer REST API is compatible with Webhooks, so I don’t think this will be possible without a plugin or a third-party Webhooks service.

Thanks for your reply. I used this URL

and tried to add the specific yammer community at the end but that format is not correct.

What about through API? would be possible to communicate both apps? Make a GET request on Discourse (to catch new topics) and then make a POST request to the yammer community.

Thats all I can think of being a total newbie on the matter.

edit: I’m also trying to create a new provider on the Chatroom integration plugin following this steps but not sure if I would be capable of that.

The problem is that they’re essentially two different languages. The Yammer REST API appears to be a custom API designed for the purpose of integrating Yammer chat into things, e.g. for including chat functionality inside your own mobile app.

While Webhooks is a separate semi-but-not-really-standard way of delivering information (generally changes of state, e.g. a new topic in Discourse) to somewhere that needs to be notified of that information. The receiver (Yammer in this case) needs to understand that information as defined by the sending application, (Discourse) i.e. the receiver needs to explicitly support receiving information from the specific application or group of applications using the same style of Webhooks.

As far as I can tell, Yammer does not so the Webhooks can’t be used directly. A plugin could be written to implement the necessary parts of the Yammer API and send messages for the desired events. Depending on your purpose and budget, you might be able to find someone to do this for you by posting in #marketplace.

Alternatively, you might be able to use a service which supports both Discourse Webhooks and Yammer to act as a bridge. Zapier is one such service, though I don’t know if it supports Yammer. There is another service I saw being discussed here recently and a couple of their staff members seemed pretty responsive and helpful, though I can’t remember the name and I’m failing to find it at the moment.