Yandex Translation Service


At the moment, only Microsoft and Google services are supported on the plugin, which both are paid services. However, Yandex provides a free translation API, which could be really useful used in Discourse forums.

I started modifying the plugin to add its support, but I am stuck here:

Any idea of what am I missing? The translation button does not appear in posts.
Tested a post in Spanish, with both Discourse and Profile locale in English


naive guess, but maybe you did not enable the plugin in side settings? maybe there is a hardcoded check for either google or ms keys?


Yeah, I did
And also inputted my Yandex API Key

I searched for Microsoft and Google references in the plugin, and I think I’ve already modified all of them

BTW, is there a way to print to the console from a plugin? :sweat_smile:
I would like to check which piece of code gets executed

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In development, you can use puts to print to your console

If you want to print something to /logs, then

Rails.logger.warn("Message to log")

Well, after so much trial and error… :smile:

I got it working!
Will submit a PR after polishing the last details



Thanks for this contribution :slight_smile:

Just a question, it’s marked as merged, but the doc does not mention it, what is the current status of Yandex translator in the T++ plugin?

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Just to round this out, I believe Yandex is currently one of the supported services: