Yelp Style Highlight Top Members and Content

(Charles Wilmott) #1

something like home page that highlights members and content the same way yelp does would be a good features. Just some emphasis what the community is about! :smile:

Apart from the domain of your site and titles of posts.
Thats only thing that gives you a bit of branding about the community

I hope that’s helpful idea! :blush:

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Can you provide a screenshot with some examples and commentary maybe marked up?

(Charles Wilmott) #3

Thanks for your reply Jeff

The email we get for the digest gives you a very quick over view
what the community is about and it high lights best members posts.

That idea can be taken further!

At moment I have wordpress blog that can highlight members top topic posts
but wordpress is static.

This is problem with nearly all current forums. They always have a static home page
with content posted by date. That doesn’t reflect the current community

Mums net does quite a good job of starting talks on it’s home page
and inviting people to take part in conversation on the forums

So something like yelp home page it’s high lighting members post in real time
or mums net we’re it trying start people talking on the forums

Yelp you can see they high light members

Everyone looks seems the same and the topics too