Youtube links don't show preview anymore

Since a couple of days, our forum doesn’t show the preview image on a Youtube video anymore. It only shows a link that does work by the way, oneboxing for website links does work.

We also migrated the forum to another server and I’m not entirely sure if this behaviour was caused by that or if it is a bug.
Does anyone have a workaround or solution for this?

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This came up recently.

Perhaps you are being rate limited or blocked by Youtube.

See the workaround here:

Or, if you are self-hosted, consider using a proxy service. I support one with my plugin here: "Onebox Assistant", crawl for those previews reliably! which by happy coincidence I updated today.


Thanks for the reply, that embed workaround does work and since the old previews still work and the link doesn’t show any errors, it redirects you to the video, I don’t think we’re blocked by Youtube.
We are self hosting, but now you’ve mentioned it, we are using reverse proxy. So could this be the cause of this issue?

Thanks by the way, for your plugin link, I will certainly try it.

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I just updated the forum, I do it on a daily bases, and the issue is fixed.