YouTube videos not oneboxing



since the last update the Onebox from Youtube Videos not working…
in the Preview you see it…

Edit: hm… only by me but i have the latest version of Discourse.

many greetings

(Régis Hanol) #2

Do you have any plugins installed? Are there any errors in the JavaScript console of your browser? Are there any errors in “/logs” that might seem related to oneboxing?


Okay, yes i have installed plugins. “/admin/plugins” dont work anymore.

  • Discourse Adsense
  • discourse-data-explorer
  • discourse-solved
  • Spoiler Alert!
  • discourse-tagging
  • docker_manager
  • lazyYT
  • MTG-BBCode
  • poll

/logs i found this, but i think that are not up to date… (date on the right side)

(Steven Greco) #4

I had a similar issue come up with the latest build that was due to the new composer. One of the plugins I had was causing an issue and since that plugin failed all the plugins failed to load. I did not have many extra plugins installed so to figure it out was pretty easy to but I would remove all the plugins that you had added and see if it corrects the issue. Then add each one back, one at time to find the culprit. Little bit of a pain since you have to rebuild the app each time.


The Error was the new compposer. I have deaktivate my custom bbcode plugin and all works.


(Arpit Jalan) #6