YouTube videos with chapter marks

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Corona-time is video-time. :popcorn: :wink:

I’d like to embed YouTube videos about the daily situation, with official statements, FAQ, etc and add individual chapters marks with timecode below the embedded video. It should look like a table. Each video gets it own post.

Is there any possibility to trigger jump positions inside embedded videos?

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You can post the videos with the time you want


Hi Robert,

I already know about this sharing option. But that’s not exactly what I’m looking for. :slight_smile:

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Can you share an working example?

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I think he just want links under the video, each link triggering on click a particular timestamp on the video.

I like the idea.


This player is commonly used for Podcasts and has the perfect UX. Unfortunately with no video support and is only for RSS feeds… & demo

GitHub - podlove/podlove-web-player: Podlove Web Player is a Podcast-optimized, HTML5-based audio player based on VueJS.

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I doubt that the basic youtube embedding will have this out of the box anytime soon.

While it looks like they’ve got a javascript API for controlling embedded videos, that’d take some amount of work to support direct timestamp links here in Discourse - Would be kinda neat though.


This feature would be really great in near future. I’m missing chapter marks per default since day one, YouTube exists. Especially at the offsite usage.

Vimeo just actually introduced this exact feature pretty recently:

Their player is a lot more customizable in general but note it looks like this is only an option with paid accounts, and of course only works with your videos. But seems like a good bet.

Otherwise for YouTube videos I think a manually created list / table right below the video might be better than nothing, even if more just for reference vs interactive clickable thing.