Zoom Webinars Plugin

Apologies for the delay, David.

There is a setting that can probably help you here:

If you set this to 30, then the button will show up 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the webinar.

You should be able to use this with the setting above too. Last I checked, the Zoom webhooks don’t fire when the practice session turns into a full event, so that makes the other dynamic a little tricky.


Thanks Penar, but that’s not quite the issue.

First off, my Join now button is no longer working at all:

In the past it was working, but this started in the past couple weeks. I also don’t see the fallback link showing up either.

Then, a separate problem which I was describing before was the practice mode issue. When I did have the previously mentioned issue, it worked like this: when I start the webinar in practice mode the join button does not come on, no matter what zoom join x mins before start is set to, it would only show up when I actually start broadcasting, which I like to do only 5 mins prior to the start. Ideally the Join button would come on whenever the setting is set to, then they would get the zoom notification that the webinar hasn’t started yet.

Do you think you could give an option to just switch the register button to join at the set time and it would just be the zoom link? Not a fallback, but a forced link to bypass this altogether. Thanks again Penar!

Are you on the latest version of the plugin? Zoom blocked SDKs prior to 1.7.5 so you need to be at least on this commit or later.

Yes, that sounds like a very reasonable thing to include in the plugin, I’ll see if I can add this soon.

Thanks Penar, yes I was on latest at the time 3d4baad, I’m upgrading to the very latest now, but those changes don’t appear to be relevant. I would very much appreciate the zoom link option!

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@davidkingham I have just posted a few fixes to the Zoom plugin:

  • there was a bug with webhook events when a webinar starts, that is now fixed, so the “Join Now” button should now correctly reflect the state of the event (with our without the zoom join x mins before start setting)
  • I added a setting to use the Zoom join link instead of the SDK, it is called zoom use join url (default disabled)
  • a recent update in Zoom broke the SDK (again), so I have updated the signature generation, and that should work too now
  • added support for webinars with passwords

Hope this works well now for you and I hope Zoom doesn’t change their SDK abruptly anytime soon. Thanks for your feedback and let me know how it goes for you.