12 days of Discourse?

Yesterday I dropped in, no reason, discovered a new, new topic button idea (Yay)

Today I did the same and was reading;

went to the site to see the post (posted)

and seen a nicely colored theme, but really liked the organized layout of the subcategories

some grinch envy overcame me as I sipped my coffee

my site was not so organized and now it is!

Love the open source here Discourse!


Day 3

Day 3 I planned to do free beer forum wide…


While I was able to tap beer on my test site

I could not manage on our forum

I suspect but have not confirmed its the difference between paid and free mentioned below;

what we did manage on day 3 is a few new emoji’s

I’d like to suggest is perhaps adding a custom emoji set option to the dashboard where forums can build and choose their own?


Free beer on day 4???

Beer for the Holidays!!



I’ve enjoyed the topic thus far, but I must ask:

Is there any more to come of this? I’ve become relatively saddened that there hasn’t been any more to follow what’s been posted two weeks ago…