1GB RAM vs 2GB vs better CPU - Is it really a big difference? How to check?

I don’t know if it’s a weak server or not, but I think 1GB Ram is a blur.

But I’m not convinced. How can I find out if the server is too weak or not? I mean I know I can check the processes on Linux but I don’t think that’s the point. How do I know that a given server is no longer sufficient? How to measure it ? Are there any tools to do this?

How do I know that it is better to switch to an 2GB ram or 4GB ram? When a better CPU ?
Or maybe there are some general patterns ?


I’d notice when the site was not responding as quickly, or getting errors indicating some element is not sufficient (memory, storage, that kinda thing). Then I’d double to 2GB, see how that goes. Keep going until it responds the way I want.

What issue are you facing?

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If you’re using the admin account associated with the email in your app.yml then every request will show a timing top-left. Those numbers are a good rule of thumb a to whether your server is under-resourced.

1GB and swap on SSD is fine for small communities.


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