Server requirements expectations

Is there any metrics around to estimate the server requirements?

What should I expect for a core of 2.4 GHz, 1 GB of RAM in term of concurrent users & co?

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While we’re answering questions without enough information to provide a useful answer, how much traffic do you expect?

I’ve done many installs for people with 1gb of ram that have never needed to upgrade. I usually recommend 2gb anymore, but you can upgrade easily enough if you have trouble.


@pfaffman thanks for your answer. Bu i was asking for the expectations ro in other words the promises given by discourse. As I read the forums, discourse allows to work on relatively cheap hardware like a 1GB droplet on digital ocean but it doen’t say much about the number of views, concurrent reads/writes supported by such configuration. This is what I’m looking for, so i can build a budget for my hosting. Of I could play with a scaling model or some tradeoffs, that would be useful :slight_smile:

Sorry. There are lots of variables. What are those concurrent users that you haven’t described doing? Are they all merely reading? Are they logged in? Are they all writing six short messages a minute? Are they uploading lots of pictures that need to be processed? Do you have hundreds are categories or just a dozen? What plugins are you using? Does your server have noisy neighbors or will you get all of the promised performance? Do your users ask log in at once around some event or are they evenly spread out across 24 hours and 30 days a month?

There literally isn’t an answer to your question.

A 1gb droplet can probably handle between 100k and maybe 500k page views per month. If you are a business, I recommended that you double your server, but you’ll likely be fine with what you have. If your business plan is such that $60 vs $120 per year changes things dramatically, then stick with what you have until your traffic is such that you have data showing that its an issue.


@pfaffman yeah i understand there are many parameters, i will see how things scale. ITR should be easy there to just bump the specs when needed. Thanks for the answer!


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