Performance issues on a 1GB VPS

I might have put this in the wrong category but this is a general question for people using this with under 2gb ram.

First let me say I am well aware of the minimum requirement of 2gb Ram.

With that said; it could run moderately well on 1gb until about 1-2 month ago but recently the load is just too high with io wait from swap with low usage. Anyone still able to get this to work on 1gb ram?

Just curious is all. There’s no need to respond if you are using the recommended 2gb ram as going forward I wouldn’t go below 2gb ram either but I have an idling 1gb vps and fast ssd which use to be able to use discourse so…

From the official install guide:

The default of 1 GB RAM works fine for small Discourse communities. We recommend 2 GB RAM for larger communities.

Emphasis is my own. A 1GB $5/mo droplet from DigitalOcean is ample for small communities.

Not sure where you got 2GB as a minimum, the 1GB is fine providing you let discourse-setup create a swap file. If you don’t then you’re in for all kinds of problems during upgrades.

Where is the VPS you’re using? Unless it’s not SSD or they have contention issues on their infrastructure it really should be fine for a small community. How many users and how much data are you looking at?

Moved this to support as it’s not a hosting question, Discourse already runs in the configuration you’re talking about. There’s a configuration or scaling issue somewhere that’s causing the load issues, if you can elaborate on your problems we may be able to help you fix it.

Start with how your install was built, where it’s hosted and some detail on the number of users/database sizes, any plugins, that kind of thing.

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hrm. I guess I read it as “recommended” for minimum.

The install is simply a default install with no plugins and I see the config using the minimum resources(discourse install automatically) for the 1gb ram. There is a frontend reverse proxy but that is taking little memory for a while before my issues came up.

If anyone else is experiencing heavy load on their 1gb vps within the last month or two with little to no use; and have a clue please update to me. Thanks.