2 different servers running the same Discourse instance?

So I installed Discourse on an old computer I had laying around. I would like to use it to test stuff before rolling it out on the production site which is going to be on Digital Ocean. My old computer also has the same specs as the Droplet. Is there a way to have them “share” data so that they both remain updated with the latest posts, etc although they are 2 different networks, servers?

Maybe you can work on building a 3rd server to host your remote database, and get them to connect to it.
Not sure how to do that though, haven’t done that on discourse yet.

But It will be a great idea, to have the actual data loaded on the development machine, to see how it’s going to look like on production (other than using the manual backup/restore thing) which is also possible if you want to…

So maybe something like the Amazon cloud storage ? But if I could remote connect to the 3rd server wouldn’t I be able to remote to the home server?

For the purpose you described it is actually much easier to just restore the backup of your production site on your test server, periodically or on demand.


Not necessarly, you can use Digital Ocean (and install Mysql or whatever DB you r using). and you would use it anyway u want, maybe same way you are using your previous Digital ocean server.

We had bought 2 domains, and i was thinking first the other domain would be used for testing, but I just thought this would be interesting if they could automatically update async sinced its based on JSON api