3.1.0.beta5 post update issues (inbox not working + sidebar strings not translated)

I updated to version 3.1.0.beta5 (7db6d27292). but when I click on the inbox link “error” something went wrong. gives an error. Also, some translations still appear in English. For example, translations like “My Posts” , “Toics”. I don’t see any errors in the error logs.

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Hi mekici :slight_smile:

I don’t have answers to your inbox issue…
edit: Maybe, for some reason, the inbox URL is wrong? What URL does your inbox URL lead to?

However, for this one:

I suppose “Toics” is a typo and you meant “Topics”? For “My Posts”, we’re aware of the issue. It doesn’t get translated though the two “My Posts” strings are properly translated in admin → customize → text.

Here’s a screenshot from a French instance:




However, I don’t see where is the untranslated “Topics” text. Can you tell us where on the interface did you see it?

I think this sounds like this bug report Message category selector for group messages leads to "Error Something went wrong."

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Hello. I did not make any changes to the URL. The group messages I’m talking about… /u/admin/messages/group/admins

Ekran görüntüsü 2023-06-16 164337

yes, i have the same problem with this issue.

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I see. “Everything” has been replaced with “Topics” very recently (today or yesterday), and it doesn’t take the translation into account the same way as “My Posts”.

I just upgraded my test instance and can repro the “Topics” translation issue:

Is the “admin” part from your URL an actual username? This is a default reserved username and thus an invalid URL.

If your username on your forum is mekici, it should link to /u/mekici/messages/group/admins.

I just want to ensure you didn’t alter the URL in a way that would cause confusion, but since we hard reports of a similar bug, this is probably legit.

There are two distinct issues in the topic though. 1) translations not loading 2) inbox not working.

yes admin is a real username.
Yes on the subject 1) translations not loading 2) inbox not working. has problems.

one of the problem is the same as in this thread.

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Thanks for the reports mekici and confirming the “/admin/” part :+1:

We’re investigating both issues (inbox and translations) :slight_smile:

I think this will be fixed following:

To be merged soon.