301 redirect from existing thread to external url, not working

Hi, I’m trying to set up a 301 redirect from a forum thread to an external URL (on my blog) in /admin/customize/permalinks but it’s not doing anything.

I also tried deleting the original thread, but then it just says you need to log in to see it rather than redirecting to the external url.

I also tried renaming the original thread so the URL changed, but still no dice.

Any ideas if there’s a way to accomplish this? Alternatively, is there a way of setting a canonical link for that specific thread to the external URL instead?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I think we have the same problem :frowning:

I don’t think that you can use a permalink to override a topic. If you want a topic to link somewhere wise I think your only solution is to put a link to the other thing in the topic.

What is the use case?


@pfaffman is right. Permalinks can’t be used to override URLs used by Discourse since they’re checked at the very last resort when no route was found.


If anyone else comes looking to this topic in the future, the way I had to do it was to transfer the whole topic to a new one (to preserve the old content), then deleting the old topic.

I first tried this while the old topic was in a non-public category, but then it didn’t work (users would see a login screen instead of being redirected). But then I un-deleted it, moved it to a public category, and deleted it again—and it worked!

For me it was that I wanted to move content that started out as a topic on my forum last year into a blog post format (so I can easily update the date of the content for SEO reasons). The topic was doing well for certain terms, so I wanted to transfer that “SEO juice” to the updated blog post.


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