403 Error with digital ocean cdn

I’m not sure if this is related so decided to create another post

Successfully connected Discourse with digital ocean spaces (I think)

and there’s an option within the ‘do spaces settings’ to enable cdn. After enabling and visiting Discourse I see many 403 errors pointing to the following urls


Did I miss something?

There’s this

Which I think you’ve confirmed.

Their CDN is “broken” because it sends incorrect headers, not because it returns Forbidden responses.

@Pierre so it does work without CDN?
If so, how did you configure the CDN?

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Hi @pfaffman I found your post which also mentions the 403 error. It’s marked as closed.

Can you share how the error was resolved?

Hi @michaeld

To be honest I’m not even sure if things are working correctly. I’ve been struggling with different configurations and there have been many changes trying to get Discorse to work with Digital Ocean Spaces. I will need to do a clean install.

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Sorry. I may not have paid close enough attention to your specifics.

The problem that I believe I had in that topic, which cost me 17 hours of down time for a high priority client during my vacation, is solved by adding the s3:upload assets to the app.yml.,and, I think, using the env variables to configure the S3 stuff. Did you do that?