404 in user's public profile's topic list

Hi there,

one of our users gets an 404 error on her public profile page. It happens if you scroll down the topic list.

Anything we can do here?

Best Regards,

Hi there!

Sorry for the delay here. This is quite an unusual error. Does it always happen every time you view her page, or did it stop as she participated more?

I am wondering if there is an off by one error on the pagination - where we think there are more items to load when exactly all items are visible.



It still happens. In the meanwhile she created new topics. About seven with the last 48 hours, so I suppose she is quite acitve.

The page shows exactly 30 topics, then breaks. Same error:

_ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:8 GET https://forum.plentymarkets.com/topics/created-by/nina-miniblings.de?page=1&_=1485344511701 404 ()

This has to be something about the username ending with a .de I bet the username is not being reconstructed properly on the server side and we are somehow stripping the suffix.

Will add a test for this.


There were some related reports about usernames ending in .json as well.

Did we handle this, is it all good now?

We check for confusing extensions


And I just tried creating a user regis.de on try and it worked just fine :ok_hand: