404 when clicking on badge link (which shouldn't exist)

Continuing the discussion from Badge system deactivated, but badges still appear on some profiles:

This is potentially two bugs.

Firstly, clicking a badge earned link in the profile dropdown results in a 404.

Secondly, none of those badges should be being assigned anyway as they are not enabled.


Ugh - I just noticed that the emoji badge on my site displays the titles of topics in private categories. So I need to disable this badge too, breaking that link.

I upgraded only a moment ago.

I don’t know about either of the 2 OP issues, as I have not disabled Badges.

But I can confirm the third Bug in this topic.

The First Emoji does leak non-public links that if clicked give a “need permission” page if not logged in as a member that has permission.

  • IIRC DefaultGal1’s was granted for a post subsequently deleted.
  • BasicGal1’s for a post in the private GoodGuy groups category
  • ModGuty1’s for a post in the TL3 Lounge category

@HAWK are you still getting the 404s after the July 27 change?

FWIW I did notice similar before, but not because of disabling Badges.

One of my “bad guy” members made a post (back in March) and was granted a First Quote Badge.
After the post was deleted, the Notification and Profile Badge “card” remained.
But clicking on it gave a 404.

Any chance the First Onebox post for that member was deleted?

Same problem.

[quote=“Mittineague, post:5, topic:47321”]
Any chance the First Onebox post for that member was deleted?
[/quote] I’m not sure it ever existed. The badge doesn’t.