Badge system deactivated, but badges still appear on some profiles

On our discourse installation we disabled the badge system in settings. However, it is still possible to see some user’s badges on the summary pages as well as it is possible to access the badge overview pages.

Not sure what and why - but it seems like users who were around before we disabled the badge system still have their badges visible. Not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but we would like them to be hidden as we’re not using the system so it is rather confusing.

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I could be wrong, but I’ve understood the Admin -> Settings -> Basic Setup [enable badges] setting to mean “don’t run the badge queries” i.e. “don’t grant any more”. and not that disabling would mean “remove all trace of existing badges”

That said, other than custom badges, most of the badges that come with Discourse are revocable.
A few are not

  • Reader
  • First Flag
  • Anniversary
  • Hot Link
  • Famous Link

Other than maybe First Flag most of those others are not so easy to attain.

Are the Badges that remain limited to only the non-revocable Badges?

Would going to individual members’ Admin -> User page and removing the Badges be a suitable (albeit time consuming) solution?

I probably missed the summary page, will remove that … also set badge pages to 404 from the client.


Fixed per:

raise new specific bug reports (1 per issue) if anything else is left