500 error when replying to calendar topic

I have been able to create a calendar topic, and the calendar shows up properly.

But, when I try to reply to the topic, I get a 500 error each time.

I have tried:

  • initially wanted this in a subcategory, but got a 500 error when posting a reply
  • creating a category with no subcategories, same error
  • deleting the category and starting over with default settings in the category creation panel, same error
  • using just one date and not a range, same error
  • setting the start date time and end date time in the calendar plugin settings, same error
  • not using a title above the date
  • adding a space between the title and the date
  • using only [calendar] [/calendar] in the topic with each on a separate line, same error
  • doing the same but putting a space between [calendar] and [/calendar], same error
  • enabling a category calendar on the category, same error

I don’t know what else to try!

I have looked in Create Calendars, Category Calendar with defaultView="listNextYear" not showing events, Discourse Calendar - How to?


I can’t reproduce this on a latest commit

Can you try it in safe mode with these boxes checked:

Also, do you see any errors in the dev tools console when the post fails?

Is the plugin up to date? I believe there have been some recent commits to it.

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Unfortunately same error when running in safe mode with those settings.

I’m getting this error in the console:

Calendar plugin version:

But, I’m wondering if I need to upgrade to 3.2 - we had to delay our upgrade, but it’ll happen this Wednesday so I could try after that and see if it works?


Yea let’s try that - I suspect the latest plugin update needs the latest core version. There have been quite a few changes in core since 3.1.

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