Showing discourse events at the top of a category


Discourse: latest version

I was playing with the plugin and it would seem that the calendar doesn’t show the events when displayed in a category.

The reason seems to be the calendar_details field being empty in the post data.
You can see in the second screenshot, the post is well loaded, the event field is present, but calendar_details empty.

Did not check more than that.


EDIT. In the logs, we can see:

EDIT2: The /upcoming-events route has no issues:


Hi, is this official plugin still supported?

If supported, is it possible to reply whether this issue has been acknowledged, please?
It’s going to be quite frustrating to see my post randomly deleted in 15 days, which I took time to make it as complete as possible, and not knowing what’s happening.

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Yes it is. I’m running into the same issue as you are when trying to attach a calendar to a category. The calendar is displayed, but it doesn’t contain any events. I’m seeing the same messages in the logs as you are, and no errors in the browser’s console. We’ll find someone on the Discourse team to debug what’s going on.


I am unable to repro this issue on my local dev instance.

@Arkshine note that the calendar categories settings asks for postId. Are you sure you’re providing Calendar topic’s first post ID and not the topic ID?

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I’m not sure [calendar][/calendar] is supposed to pick up events, dates yes, events :thinking: . When I say supposed to, I mean I don’t recall ever seeing it . As you mentioned, events are picked up in the /upcoming-events route.
It would probably be a nice feature though.

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I believe it’s correct?

You can see, when you go in the category, it fetches well the post ID. calendar_details is empty though.

Not sure what am I missing?


I think I spoke too soon. I checked calendar entries but not events. Let me try debugging again.


Any luck on the debugging?

@joffreyjaffeux is looking into this issue.


Is there any update on this?

OK so I had a look at this, @techAPJ is right, this feature has always been about [calendar][/calendar] never about events.

There has never been any support of showing events in categories. I’m sorry I know this is a little bit confusing as we kept everything in one plugin. But calendar and events are two different things.

I might add support for showing /upcoming-events in a category header at some point, but that’s not the priority ATM.


That’s a shame. I don’t really see much point in a blank calendar being shown in a category.

For us we were planning to have an Events Category with all discussions in the category being a particular planned event - then the calendar at the top would simply show all upcoming events in that category.

Really just wanted the calendar that’s displayed in Upcoming Events link in the menu shown in the category too.

Ah well - will hopefully be something added in future.