A better 'Sorry, you don't have access to that topic!' message

(Bart) #1

One of our categories is ‘members-only’, and people can request access to it (we validate them manually before adding). Some of them try to access topics before being added and are usually left confused about what to do when they read the ‘Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!’ message.

I’d like to provide them some help here - if we could add an optional custom ‘permission denied’ message for categories we could solve this. In our case, this might read:

This forum category is for registered Store users only. To get access, first register as a seller, then request access to this forum here.

Here’s a screenshot of the current message:

(Blu McCormick) #2

Hi Bart,

I am curious what the set up is that you have where members can see a category but not access it? I currently have it set up so that members only see a category when I give them access for two different categories.

(Bart) #3

Sorry, perhaps I wasn’t clear. The category isn’t visible until you’re a member, but people in this will regularly receive emails from us with links to individual topics. While the email contains instructions on how to request access, this is often ignored, they click the link and are left with the ‘Sorry’ message above.

(Blu McCormick) #4

Okay. That makes more sense to me. Cool set up.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Can’t you edit the text for this in Admin, Customize?

(Bart) #6

Good point! Unfortunately I have TWO such groups set up. I’ll see if those fields support HTML - if so I might be able use CSS to show only the correct one for each category. Will report back when I know more.

(Bart) #7

I just tried this on js.topic.invalid_access.description but the field does not support HTML or Markdown. I also couldn’t find a class in the HTML to help me target the content for individual categories, so I think this is a dead end.

I’ve settled on a simple text for now that should do the trick: