Custom error page for inaccessible category


I was wondering if anyone had any clue how could I create a custom error page for an inaccessible category due to group permission.

Background: in order to have the voting plugin only used by certain people, a group was created. Unfortunately in order to have only that group of people voting capabilities, anyone outside it can’t even see that category due to the fact “View” access let’s a user vote as well. When anyone outside the group bumps into the inaccessible category (and not exactly by chance I should add) I would like to explain how they can join that group to be able to vote.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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This is already discussed here

@udan11 this is still on your eventual todo list?


There is a new site setting, detailed_404, that controls this. When enabled, it will try to provide more information about the error (ie which group can see the topic / category).