Show group opt-in guidance on topics you have no access to

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  1. If you visit a topic in a category you have no permissions for

  2. AND you are a logged on user

  3. AND can gain permission by requesting membership, we should display a helpful message saying:

Hey, you can not see this topic, but if you join the AWESOME group you will be able to see it, [request membership]

just pick the first group if there is a multi match

This does leak out a bit of information about “who can see” a topic which we do not leak out now. However to leak this data you got to create a group that accepts membership requests, so you kind of opted for it.

I really like this feature request, going to slot it for 2.3


Yes I agree this is a very sensible request and we should make it so.


I have a community with way too many categories. It would be nice to be able to hide most of them but still make it easy for anyone to see them.

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@maja can you add that to your list?


Where are we at on this @maja?

Sorry for the delay. It’s almost done, will open a PR today.


Here’s the PR

@joffreyjaffeux can you take over?


Ok I just merged it:

congrats @maja :tada:


This sounds great. Would it be possible to, say, have an example of its use on try? Does it Just Work if there is a category exclusive to some group and the group allows access requests?

Edit: I guess rereading the OP would have been smart. :slightly_frowning_face:

It works as said in OP:

Meaning the visited topic must have its category with a group with request-able membership set in security permissions.

:bulb: You need to enable the detailed_404 site setting for this to work.

There’s a screenshot in the commit:


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