A little advice about SSO, Wordpress and the best solution for me?

Hi all, first post here :smile:

I’m in a bit of a predicament really. I have a Wordpress site currently that has over 1000 members that’s been using BBpress up to now. I’m wanting to use Discourse for the forums and profiles but I’d like the members to still comment on news and website posts. Now, I understand there are a couple of plugins available that allow for SSO between Discourse and Wordpress, but I’m thinking of using avatars from Discourse (for example) rather than Wordpress but have them used all over the site. Is this possible? I’m still a new user so not too familiar with how Discourse works. Currently you can set Discourse to use the avatars from Wordpress but not the other way around.

In a sense, I’m wanting Discourse to be the hub for the entire site. I’m happy for Wordpress to do the registration and logins as it is now but I feel that profiles, avatars and the like are better handled in Discourse itself. Of course the user would be able to stay logged in between the forums and the site as well.

In short, I’m asking if anyone has any examples of how to implement these kind of changes? I’m new to ruby but with the great installation tutorial and docker I got things up and running quickly. I would prefer a solution in PHP if at all possible!

Last of all, to the devs, I love Discourse and I’m very excited to see where it goes in future. Keep up the good work.

If this post hasn’t made too much sense I’m sorry, it’s late and I’m tired!


Well, it’s actually the default.

A little bit more complicated, but I’m sure it’s possible. You’d need to set up an association for WP id -> Discourse username, but I suppose you get that with SSO.

Thank you very much for your response @riking!

I’ll have a deeper look into it and see if I can get something working. I’m sure it’s all possible but I imagine it’s probably going to be a fiddly job.