A mechanism to silence group @mentions

Imagine a scenario where you’re in a group that allows you to access some private category in a Discourse site.

The group allows all group members to @mention the group.

Some other users in the group are using this privilege a bit too frivolously, and as a result you are receiving a deluge of notifications.

You can’t leave the group, as you wish to retain access to the private category associated with it. However, you currently have no other recourse to silence the notifications from these group @mentions.

I propose that there ought to be a mechanism to allow users to mute notifications from a particular group. I believe there is precedent to support this feature, as you are currently able to adjust your “Watching level” on a group-by-group basis for group messages. And, you currently have the ability to “mute” individual users.

Perhaps a “Groups” section ought to be added to the “Notifications” preferences page.


Philosophically I love the idea of letting users be in total control around the notification volume they get.

There is a balancing act, between giving 100 toggles (disable likes from Jane but allow everything else) and giving the right toggles.

I do wonder where we see this fitting. @awesomerobot I wonder if we have outgrown the ad-hoc way we allow people to control what they are notified about and should offer a central / consistent story here with more fidelity.