A new user invitation to myself fails

Steps: using the admin users interface, I invited a new user via email (nikolaj.ivancic@congral.com). This invitation was successfully sent and received by my email client. When clicked in the link in the email:

admin (adriatic) invited you to join


Discussing and documenting selected software technologies

If you’re interested, click the link below:

(note the new users’a tag cb875db71fb5fe9f82919322f0e50608)

Click in that link, creates a new page in the discourse app:

This is a false statement as this just invited user does not exist yet. To “compensate for this falsehood”, this new user appears on the list of pending users:

Looking at the list of “normal” users I see:

What means “pending users” and how to I promote them to active users

There are several issues here - can you please untie them for me

The error message “Sorry! This invitation is intended for new users, who do not already have an existing account.” is displayed when the link in an invite email is clicked from a browser window where there is a user who is already logged into Discourse. This is something that could happen on a public computer, but I’ve run into it a few times when testing invites that I’ve sent to myself. It seems possible that this is what has happened to you. If this is the case, and you are just testing the invite process, make sure you either logout of Discourse before accepting the invite, or that you accept the invite from an incognito browser window.

The Pending list in your screenshot is not showing pending users, it is showing pending invites. This means that the invite has been sent, but has not yet been redeemed.


Thanks, @simon. In this case, I (as nik@congral.com) was logged in Discourse and sent the invitation to my “alter ego” (nikolaj.ivancic@congral.com). I do not believe that Discourse is (nor should be) so smart to realize that I am inviting someone who is already logged in, so I am not sure that I understand the explanation

I clicked the link to Discourse in the email that I sent to myself while being logged in Discourse.

In addition, I do not understand the term redeeming an invitation as I did the invitation via email, not link. Can you please explain.

What Discourse realizes is that there is someone logged into Discourse on your browser. You need to log out of your main account before accepting the invite that was sent to your alt account. Either that or open an incognito window and accept the invite from it. Accepting an invite actually logs a user into Discourse. It would be strange if this was allowed to happen when another user was logged in on the browser.

Discourse uses the term Redeemed to refer to invites that been accepted by the users you have sent them to. Click on the “Redeemed” tab in the “Invites” screenshot from your previous post to see the list of users who have accepted invites that you have sent.

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Thanks. I incorrectly parsed the term “to redeem” - as an action to be performed by the discourse admin, while the correct interpretation would be that the invited user redeems (the verb “accepts” would be more intuitive, I think)

Yes, “accepted invites” would be a good way of thinking of it.