A plugin for chat to connect to a video conferencing tool

We have an enterprise community where a portion of our community is support. To create an insanely cool experience on top of the already awesome chat, imagine this:

  • User posts in a thread with an issue
  • You recognize it will be a lot of fast back and fort, so you let them know and DM them
  • After DM’ing, you’d love to do a screenshare to walk through it on screen

My goodness, it would be so cool to be able to click a call & share screen button to connect with them on that next level.

I’m not sure what service would even have good APIs/hooks for this? Hopin maybe? Or it might have to be completely custom on something like Mux?

Anyways, what a cool feature this would be.


I’ve often thought this before. We’ve got our own Jitsi instance which would be so much better if integrated with chat - both being synchronous, it is the perfect fit for ‘upgrading’ a real time conversation.