A plugin outlet for the footer that keeps the sidebar at full-height

I have a design for a simple footer that should show centered on the main background. More or less like this:

On this screenshot I’m using using the discovery-below outlet. But there’s no similar outlet position available on many routes.

If I’d use one of the existing footer outlets, the arrangement with the sidebar would turn out like this:

So the issue is that the sidebar is grouped within the main-outlet-wrapper. And the current footer outlets are stacked below, making it difficult to place a footer that would keep the sidebar at full height and stay centered below the main content.

Could there be a consistent outlet below the main content, similar to the above-main-container outlet?


Indeed this would be useful, I’ve got a PR for some new outlets here:

I passed showFooter to the main-outlet-bottom because I think that would be the most useful one for this… but let me know if you run into any issues.


Oh, this looks perfect! I’ll get back if I run into issues.

But also, a new outlet for full-width banners next to the sidebar! I can hardly believe all the goodies in this PR :star_struck: